Interest Information

Interest Information

The most interesting information is divided in 3 different segments to be considered by a potential buyer or proprietor now to either show interest on a property or put a property in the market in the Dominican Republic.

The first, you should find a qualified realtor agent that can truly represent your best interest, so you can be sure the property you are interested in acquiring or selling has is correctly placed in the market and legally cleaned out to make any transaction.

In this section Deluxe Prime Living offers you the best team you could wish for, we have a team integrated by diverse kinds of agents   to be able to prove you with the best realtor advise in Dominican Republic.

The second, you must have a Legal and Financial advisor that working along with your realtor guides your trough the best ways to acquire or sell the property, granting your buying or selling process all the warranties according to the laws, taxes declarations and exemptions that the Dominican Republic offers to seize the best profit of your business transaction.

The third, after having your dream team of advisors you are ready to make an offer on that beloved property you just found so desirable and, we will be happy to assist making an effective deal. So please keep in mind that when you bid, one of three things can happen either the seller accept the offer, reject the offer or counter offering. Our goal is to give you the best of the assistance to be able to close the deal on your best interest. We will work as a team with your legal and tax advisors to assist with in drafting the purchase agreement and to make sure you are aware the contingencies and local regulations. Although we will provide information and advice throughout the process of making the offer keep in your target the possible home improvements, the motivation for the property to be on the market and the rate of the property on the market, this will directly affect the bid impact and will become on the best interest for your new house acquisition.